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Heavy Oil Fly Ash ( HOFA) and Coal Fly Ash( CFA).

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Given the demand for more sustainable, ecofriendly alternative  admixtures for the construction sector and rising portland Cement prices , we entered the Fly Ash trade to make this product available primarily to the African Market  where the infrastructure and housing projects have been on an upward swing to keep up with the growing population.

 Essentially speaking, Heavy oil Fly ash and Coal Fly Ash are byproducts derived from burnt fuel and the latter from combusted coal in power plants.

These industrial grades due to their cementitious and pozzolanic chemical makeup have the ability to replace clinker upto 35% in production of cement and simultaneously reduce the use of cement in manufacture of concrete and as a result can substantially reduce the cost of producing cement & concrete.


This in turn  translates into reduced construction costs for the Infrastructure sector whether it be rural & urban housing projects , construction of roads, bridges, flyovers, dams , bricks and much more.


Additionally, Coal Fly Ash can be used tremendously in the Agricultural sector to improve soil fertility and its productivity. The market of Fly Ash in 2022 stands around $ 7 billion and is expected to reach almost $12.5 billion by 2029 thus making it a sustainable and valuable product of the future both for Construction & Agricultural sectors.


We respect to these byproducts, we are strategically well positioned  to procure, deliver and develop the market of  these two industrial grades throughout the African region in the coming years while seeking open minded & formidable alliances both within the private and public sectors.

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Primary  Steel Products

Steel being the backbone of construction and  with the growing demand of steel worldwide, we are cross trade primary  Steel products whether it be structural  steel, rebars, steel coils, billets, seamless pipes, welded ERP & Saw pipes  thus catering to the construction, manufacturing and Oil & Gas industries for the Indian Subcontinent Region. Presently, we have plans on expanding our presence in the African region by forming strategic alliances with  stockists and key contractors. Our approach could be tailored made contingent upon local demand and government approvals for  various range of steel products.


Currently, our organisation  is mapping out a plan to enter the chemical exports business in 2023 in order to cater to the construction  industry and an array of manufacturing industries. 

Renewal Energy:

5G Renewal  Energy for the African region is being planned for 2023 and onwards.

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