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Almaaidah Consultancy is collaborating with SOS UK (Science of Safety )

Almaaidah Consultancy & Trade has been appointed consultant of SOS, based in the United Kingdom (Science of Safety).

SOS is a pioneering British Company founded to make life cleaner and safer for businesses and homes around the world.

Despite other Alcohol-based products, SOS is giving a safe and virus-free environment to the world.

SOS is Vapure Tech technology has been approved by WHO and EPA.

It is a safe trusted solution, safe for use around humans plants and as well as animals.

For more information;

Safe Zone Tablets are completely Eco Friendly, each tablets creates 20 Ltr of alcohol free disinfectant, it is food grade and completely safe.

Safe Bubble is 30 days virus free air protection !

SOS products designed to be the best for environment.

Almaaidah is vetting for future distributors around the world!

We are now meeting up with our future partners around the world. For Distribution or purchases, please reach us from or simply call +973 66949984


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