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As a restaurateur, chef, or general manager, you are likely a food industry expert with many years of experience. Why hire a culinary consultant?

With your restaurant, you are likely to reach a point where you can’t see the forest for the trees. Maybe you’ve enjoyed a period of success but lack that new spark to take your enterprise to the next level. Perhaps you’ve been dealing with a facility or staff situation that just won’t straighten out. In these situations, a culinary consultant can be an extremely useful asset.

What is a Culinary Consultant?

A culinary consultant is able to leverage extensive external food industry expertise to provide an objective analysis of your business. Whether you work in a hotel, chain or independent restaurant, kitchen equipment company, or food and beverage supplier, a seasoned consultant can point out both strengths and weaknesses. Some may be about things that you may not have been fully aware of. Additionally, this consultant is your advocate. This is someone who you can bounce off ideas and who can optimize the performance and well-being of your organization.

Also, help minimize the risks and costs of restaurant openings by allowing a culinary consultant to assist. Additionally, this can include creating a concept development, conducting a business model audit, collaborating on menu /recipe development, creating and performing kitchen staff training, and anything else you need to create an outstanding restaurant opening. Take the stress out of implementing complex or technical elements such as workstation ergonomics/design, strategic financial analysis, sustainability, and beverage system design by working in partnership with an expert consultant. Also, this assistance ensures that you don’t lose focus from your core objectives. They are ensuring that your entity creates the best possible food and provides extraordinary customer service.

How a Culinary Consultant Works With Kitchen Management

In the kitchen management realm, the culinary consultant can help with recipe and menu development. They can also assist kitchen staff training and food cost control in order to improve efficiency, organization, and profitability. Another valuable offering is the mystery dinner service. This is when the consultant performs a discrete restaurant audit to reveal the truth about how your restaurant is being managed. Also, the mystery diner’s highly trained eye, accompanied by subtly-obtained photographic and even video documentation, can pick up on the issues that are holding your establishment back from achieving the oImage 1utstanding revenue and stellar reputation that will help contribute to your success for many years to come.

Furthermore, if it’s time for a restaurant makeover or if you find yourself in an all-out restaurant crisis, a culinary consultant can be a lifesaver. During the makeover process, a culinary consultant conducts full business assessments. This ranges from front to back end, identifying existing problems and looming risks recommending optimal staff training strategies, developing solutions, helping inject fresh ideas, and implementing key changes that will make your restaurant shine without sacrificing essential elements of your brand identity. In the case of a crisis, the culinary consulting team will study your specific case inside and out. They will make recommendations and put together specifically designed action plans. Also, they will help you with damage control, communications, and ultimately the resolution of your crisis.

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